Understanding Organic Food Trends from Flavorseal

Flavorseal breaks down the organic food trend that has been redefining the food industry since 2010. Since then, average sales of Organic food products have increased 10% year over year and this infographic explains the key factors influencing this trend and why consumers are choosing to purchase Organic products. Consumers are drawn to the benefits of Organic products as they are safer, pesticide free, non GMO and have no growth hormones. This is part of a larger trend of consumers leading a healthier lifestyle as Gluten-Free and Organic are becoming part of their shopping habits with 45% of Americans buying more organic products this year versus last year.
Flavorseal provides industry leading food processing and packaging solutions for brands. Our cutting edge facility is SQF Level 3 certified and is certified Organic and Gluten Free. Learn more about our patented seasoning transfer technology and how we help brands package flavor.Organic Food Trends
Infographic Source:  http://www.flavorseal.com/perspectives/understanding-the-organic-food-trend/

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