10 Common Pasta Types and Dishes They are Used For

Pasta is an authentic Italian food that has been adapted to other parts of the world. Various countries have different approaches or touches when making pasta dishes. Hence, with the diversity of pasta styles, people can now prepare diverse pasta dishes for their lunch or dinner, including macaroni and cheese, lasagne, and linguine with tomatoes and beans.

Pasta is versatile. Apart from being able to prepare creamy, meat, or vegetable pasta dishes, people can also use pasta for salads and soups.

Making fresh pasta from scratch is easy, but it can also be a lot of work if you do not have suitable pasta shapes or flavors in mind. Fortunately, pasta machines have become very popular over the past few years. These can enable people to create their pasta in just minutes. A pasta machine lets you simply select from a number of pasta shapes that closely resemble the ones you enjoy eating and then enables you to toss them in a bowl to be heated. When the pasta cooks, it creates a gentle yet chewable texture that is healthy and satisfying. You might also find that purchasing your pasta maker will be an excellent investment that pays off by providing you with healthy pasta every day.

Moreover, there is also available pasta that can be bought at supermarkets in both prepared and uncooked forms. These can expedite the process of preparing pasta dishes as people do not need to make them from scratch.

But, before buying uncooked pasta from the supermarket, people planning to cook a pasta dish needs to determine which type of pasta they will be using. For every pasta recipe, there will be a set or even a specific pasta type to be used.

Here is an infographic from Cirelli & Co, an Italian restaurant in Melbourne, which discusses the ten common pasta types and the dishes they are used for.

10 Common Pasta Types and Dishes They are Used For
Infographic Source: https://cirellico.com.au/blogs/news/10-common-pasta-types-and-dishes-they-are-used-for

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