What Are The Perfect Grind Sizes For Common Coffee Brewers?

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We all like to drink different things, but one thing that is for sure, we love the taste of coffee. One question that comes up often is what are the perfect grind sizes for common coffee brewers? This Infographic will answer this question and more!

The perfect grind size for your coffee brewer is dependent on the type of brewing method you use. For example, using a French press or pour over with a paper filter requires coarse grinds in order to avoid too much sediment in the cup.

If you’re using an automatic drip machine, then medium grounds are fine because they will not clog up the filters like finer grounds might. However, if you are making espresso at home, then it’s best to go with finely ground beans so that they can fit through the small holes in an espresso maker.

Perfect Grind Sizes For Common Coffee Brewers
Infographic Source: https://insightscoffee.com/do-i-need-a-coffee-grinder/

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