Fast Facts And Statistics You Should Know About Personal Injury Cases In The United States

The last thing that anyone could wish for is to get into an accident of any kind. So naturally, one would always want to consider safety when doing anything seemingly risky. But unfortunately, many people still get hurt in personal injury incidents each year. This is usually because of negligence from either yourself or the party involved in most cases.

Personal injuries are classified as damage done to anyone’s physical or emotional well-being. But it can also count if other factors like your reputation are harmed because of someone else’s wrongful or negligent act.

In 2020, personal injury filings in the United States increased 97% from 2019. Personal injury cases can cover accidents such as slips and falls, vehicle accidents, dog bites, product liability, and many more. Looking at the annual statistics can be a real shock to anyone, for it shows how common these incidents actually are.

Since personal injury incidents are so common in the country, many Americans would often want to get some form of reimbursement for the damages. This can be done by filling an official report and collecting all sorts of evidence and data to prove that the incident happened. The only catch is that processing these claims can take months or even a year before they can be resolved.

For people who have trouble imagining how often personal injury cases happen and how alarming they can be, the visual graph below illustrates the recent facts and statistics about personal injury cases in the U.S.

Personal Injury Cases in the U.S
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