10 Personalities of Billy Milligan Visualized

Billy Milligan is one of the most popular individuals who had multiple personality disorder.

What is MPD?

People with this disorder have multiple personalities in mind who control their bodies. Billy had 24 of them.

A fascinating fact is all those personalities are totally different: men and women with different temperaments, habits, and even sex orientation!

The Bid4Papers team decided to visualize 10 main characters of Billy Milligan. All the visualizations were based on the records of Daniel Keys, a professional bestselling writer who had been investigating Billy’s behavior for years.

The visualization had been created in collaboration with the Ukrainian illustrator and designer, Denis Martynets.

The behavior of every personality influenced the nuances of their appearance. People who read The Minds of Billy Milligan would find numerous references here, and this infographic would connect them into the complete image.

At the moment, this is the first attempt to show people how different personalities took control over Billy’s body.

Billy Milligan

Infographic Source : http://bid4papers.com/blog/billy-milligan/

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