Acana vs Orijen – Pet Food Comparison Infographic

Acana and Orijen are two of the most popular and respected pet food brands available but as they are both manufactured by Champion Petfoods you may be wondering what are the differences between the brands.

In this Acana vs Orijen infographic produced by we compare the makeup of both pet foods in an easy to understand format to help you decide whether Acana or Orijen is the best cat or dog food for your animal.

We look at the meat, protein and carbohydrate content of each and reveal some interesting facts that might surprise you.

We also provide information about where the Acana and Orijen are manufactured and explain what ‘Biologically Appropriate’ means and the ideology behind Champion Petfoods.

This is the perfect infographic for cat owners and dog owners to help them compare these leading pet food brands.

Information for the infographic was provided, with thanks, by Champion Petfoods, the maker of Acana and Orijen pet foods.


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