Photo Composition For Everybody

What makes a good photo composition? Intuitively you know, I bet. Seeing a set of pictures you can tell a well composed photo from a poorly composed one. It just works or it doesn’t. So what makes the difference?
There are only a few rules that you should have in mind while taking photos.
Forget about symmetry. It seems nice but it is boring. Instead, divide image into 9 sections. Look for leading lines – such as roads or rivers – which will order your image. Experiment with diagonals which will make it more dynamic and interesting. Avoid empty space as it can be really overwhelming. So close up! Capture elements placed in a foreground, furder, and in a background to have a sense of depth.
Find a few tips, grab your camera, and experiment with these rules to take memorable photos! And what is the most important, just have fun!
Photo Composition

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