Pillow Top Mattress: Is it a new way to nurse your health?

These days, one of the popular types of foam mattresses which are categorized as luxury beddings are pillow top mattresses which are made up of memory foam. These types of mattresses have lots of thick comfort layers beside the layers of foam which will make the base that will generate the extra height in these mattresses up to almost 14 inches. Manufacturers use foams of varied densities and firmness in order to make the layers of comfort and provide to you the feeling of dynamicity.
These types of mattress will feel soft if you were to touch them, however, they would be able to support your body to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. When you find out how these types of mattresses can help you, then you can decide if you want one. This article will highlight to you why pillow top mattresses can be beneficial for you.
The composition of the mattress
A lot of people have a wrong conception that when they want to find out a good memory foam mattress, the entire mattress will get made from memory foam. The reality is different, and only just the topmost 2 or at the most 4 inches will get made up of memory foam, but the rest will be made from a firmer type of foam with a polyurethane base.
This foam which forms the base will be generally lower in density, it will range from about 1 pound to 3 pounds per cubic feet, but the memory foam is around 5 pounds for each cubic feet. But the lower density of the memory foam will not affect the base foam’s durability in any way. The base foam will be providing support to the upper memory foam layers. This will be comfortable for your body, and you will get a better sleeping experience.
Do not go for the mattress’s thickness
A lot of people also have a wrong notion that if the memory foam is thicker, then the bed will be more luxurious. They feel that pillow top beds will become more comfortable if more inches are added to it, i.e., the thickness is increased.
But again, the reality is different, the amount of memory foam which is put at the top will be the same, and that is around 6 inches. To make the mattress thicker, more base foam is only added. Thus, do not go for more thickness.You can visit Counting Sheep website to learn more about memory foam mattresses.
When you are shopping for a mattress made from memory foam, always consider the layers which will make up the bed. What is the amount of comfort foam on the top? How thick your base layer is? This will ensure to compare beds with one another easily.
You must check whether the bed feels comfortable to you because that is what matters in the end. Hopefully, some of your misconceptions regarding memory foam beds will have disappeared after reading this article, and you can deice whether pillow top mattresses are good for you or not.
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