Places to eat and drink on Lake Windermere

The Lake District is teeming with life and fun things to do. From boat trips, water skiing and long, luxurious, hikes atop the various peaks of the park. There really is something for everyone in this newly appointed UNESCO World Heritage Site – awarded to the location for its cultural, literary, and environmental significance. With so much to do, wasting time almost feels like an injustice to the beauty and brilliance of the landscape.
So, it goes to stand that wasting time considering where to go for dinner should never happen. After all, have you ever gone on holiday to a new place and realized: I don’t know where to eat out here? Sure, you could trawl through endless TripAdvisor reviews and ratings. Or you could simply look at this handy infographic; perfect for anyone new to the Lake Windermere area who wants to know the perfect place to eat tonight!
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