Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Install water meter:
You could save up to £100 a year on your water bill and probably save money on your energy bill too. Water meter also helps in increasing the pressure of water in case of fire.
Check Water Pressure:
Use pressure gauge to check the pressure of water biannually. This ensures that your water pressure is at a safe level before the high pressure can damage any plumbing.
Check Drains and P-Traps:
Check the pressure of water if you notice that your drains are draining water slower than normal (this is a sign of a clog), take a few minutes to clean out your drains of any debris.
Check Faucet Aerators:
Sanitize and clean faucet aerators because it has a similar function to filter, bits of dirt and other debris can build up around the openings and cause decrease in water pressure.
Check visible pipes for corrosion and leaks:
If you observe any signs of corrosion on pipes then this is a sign that you will have a leak on your hands soon. Contact a professional as early as possible.
Check Septic Tank and Sewerage:
Consult a Pro, your pro will tell you how often your system should be inspected, how a septic tank works, how to diagnose & repair septic system & drain line failures or backups.
Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

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