Gotta Catch ‘em: Where to catch Pokemon in New York

Pokémon fans from across the world have been downloading Pokémon Go to their mobile phones and now millions of players are using their phone’s GPS location data to catch the likes of Charizard and the iconic Pikachu.
Attraction Tickets Direct have gone a step further to help Pokémon Go players in New York by creating a printable map of the places that boast a Pokestop, Pokémon Gym and locations where really rare Pokémon have been caught or spotted.
The Pokémon Go guide even goes into detail about the types of Pokémon gamers can catch at locations across the city. So, for example, at Central Park Electabuzz, Flareon, a fully-evolved Vileplume, Clefairy and Vaporeon are just waiting to be found.
There are also tips about how holiday makers can play the game abroad without racking up large data roaming charges. Some of these tips include getting an international data plan and setting a new data limit by downloading a free data-tracking app.
Infographic Source link:‘em-where-catch-pokemon-new-york

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