How Consumers Use The Internet – The Most Popular Activities Of Shoppers

If you want to succeed as an online retailer, you have to understand how your customers use the internet. A lot has changed in the last few years and currently the whole shopping experience includes activities, which exceed simple clicking on products and paying for them. The typical expectations of customers are also changing and many shoppers want to be provided with functionalities, which make shopping more entertaining. Check whether your online store allows customers to engage in the following activities:

Popular Activities Of ShoppersProduct Research
Customers want to buy quality products, which satisfy all of their demands. This is why they research products online and learn as much as they can about the features of the chosen products. Good online stores provide their customers with a lot of useful information about products to prevent customers from leaving the website and conducting independent research. A detailed product description is a must. You should list all important features of your products and describe their advantages. Make sure that your product descriptions include also high quality images and embedded videos (to prevent customers from leaving the site to watch films about the products). Last, but not least, encourage your customers to rate your products and leave commentaries. This will give you and your future customers much needed feedback and objective opinion about your products.
Price Comparison
Comparing prices between different online stores is a common practice these days, especially among customers, who look for the best deal. Web browsers, such as Google, and services, such as, allow customers to quickly check the price of a product in many different stores. Shoppers, who like to showroom can use special applications to scan the code of the product and look for the best deal online. In order to prevent customers from leaving and buying from your competition, you have to make sure that your deal is competitive. There are many ways to do it: you can reduce the costs by offering free shipping or free pick up from your physical store. You might introduce the lowest price guarantee, if you are sure that you can beat the best price offered by your competition. Whichever option you choose, make sure that you monitor the prices of your competition and adjust your own prices.
Coupons and deals
Deal seekers and coupon lovers can use services, such as Groupon, to look for the best prices on products. There are also services, which gather information about coupons and deals offered by many different online stores. You can use these services to advertize your products by posting information about your deals and coupons.
Social shoppingSocial shopping
Customers not only like to shop, but they also enjoy talking about it with their friends and significant others. Services, such as Pinterest, allow customers to share photos and information about products, which have caught their attention. Some customers go even further and enjoy creating wish lists, which they can share with friends and family to give them good gift ideas for upcoming occasions. We recommend adding a wish list option to your online store, contact your Magento web development company to ask about this and other functionalities mentioned in this article.
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