POS Systems Every Restaurant Needs to Know About

Anyone operating an eatery in 2019 knows that efficiency is key, and there’s no way to keep costs down while increasing margins without the use of basic POS technology. When selecting a platform, consider whether you’re trying to track costs, build guest relations, travel, or operate multiple locations.
Front to back of the house management
No matter what you’re looking for in a platform, at the very least, it should be able to help you to manage both the front and the back of the house. Being able to ensure that arriving guests are seated as quickly and efficiently as possible, while also being able to ensure that seated guests will have their meal orders sent to the kitchen so that they can receive their meals as fast as possible. This would ensure high levels of customer satisfaction while also driving your table turn. After all, the more efficiently you can turn tables, the more revenue you stand to generate.
Systems for multiple branches
Let’s suppose that you own multiple franchise locations, or you operate multiple branches of your eatery. Did you know that there is cloud-based technology that allows you to manage larger-scale aspects of the operations, regardless if you operate one or several locations?
Platforms like these can also help you to consolidate recipe management, material costs, inventory management, stock and replenishment, and purchasing. If you’re operating locations outside of the U.S., then you’d find it extremely helpful to work with a platform that allows you to keep track of metrics conversions for your recipes, too.
No more language barriers
You take it for granted that all point of sale software is programmed to work in English. But what if you’d prefer for it to operate in another language? What if you’re operating overseas, and you need for your overseas team to become proficient in operating your system?
You’d probably find a program that supports languages beyond English to be a life-saver! For example, if you’ve dreamed of opening your beach-front property or your cozy little eatery in the mountains in a foreign country, then with the right program in place, your local staff on the ground will be able to operate your platform with no language barrier issues.
And needless to say, you’ll want to look for a system that allows you to handle foreign currencies. Programs like these offer a built-in conversion tool, and then you’ll be able to accept what your customer has on hand. All of these would make your international eatery ambitions possible.
Mobile POS system solutions
Mobile eateries are here to stay, and perhaps you own and operate one of them. That means that whether you run a hipster mobile food truck or a bakery on wheels, you’re probably transacting business on a mobile device such as a tablet.
It’s also common to find that restaurant owners who operate out of small, compact, stand-alone spaces like to use tables, because waiters can easily collect funds at the table. If your space is especially compact, then your counter space might be too small for a traditional POS system.
An application that can be used within your mobile device can allow you to obtain data to improve your customer service experience, manage your staff, manage schedules, keep track of inventory, and manage your menu. In short, you’d be able to handle a multitude of operational functions with efficiency and ease.

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