Pre-Selling vs RFO Units: A Buyer’s Guide

The real estate business is never going to be left behind when it comes to business trends. With new structures being built and situated everywhere you go, the real estate industry proves to always be there no matter what.

Still, it is possible for anyone to save up enough after several years to get the home that he/she wants and deserves in the future. Luckily, there are many options made available to homebuyers today, which can help in choosing the perfect home that best suits their lifestyle, as your financial situation might have changed by the time the project is nearly completed or payment is almost due.

In choosing between pre-selling and ready for occupancy (RFO) units, many advantages and disadvantages should be taken into consideration. Factors such as construction structures, payment methods, and other more should always come first before choosing the best home for you.

Check out the infographic below to know how a pre-selling property differs with an RFO, and know which one will fit you best.


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