How to Prevent 4 Building Envelope System Fails and Save BIG!

Although most think of the building envelope as the exterior design of a structure, it actually does more than giving a building its character. As the exterior of the building, building envelope systems protect the structure from outside elements and maintain the ideal inside temperature.
And as the “skin” of your building, the envelope is the sum of many layers that work together in maintaining the outside building integrity and ensuring the right environment within the building. Because of the building envelope’s critical function in protecting your building from both external damage and internal building environment issues, optimizing the building envelope should be a priority.
Building envelopes can fail due to a number of reasons. In this infographic, we discuss how building envelope systems fail and what happens if a building envelope fails. We also discuss what you can do to prevent future building envelope fails and how hiring a building consultant can help you reduce costly building envelope-related mishaps.
Prevent 4 Building Envelope System Fails and Save BIG

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