Product Packaging Guide: Everything Your Business Should Know

Product packaging, the physical and decorative design of a product’s container, has evolved throughout the years. Different shapes, sizes, and types of materials have made it easier to protect and store products, even through shipping and handling across the globe.
In this highly competitive market, product packaging goes beyond just housing an item. The right kind of packaging can not only effectively hold and protect a product but also create an impression strong enough to attract potential buyers. With around 72% of American consumers citing product packaging as a factor in their purchase decisions, leveraging this aspect is critical to stay ahead of the pack.
The suitable packaging for your product will depend on research on your target market, the kind of container your product needs, the necessary information that should be printed, branded visuals, and colors, as well as consideration for other factors during shipping, handling, or retail display.
This infographic serves as your ultimate product packaging guide, delving into all your business needs to know the types of product packaging, notable features of product packaging, the primary types of printing available, and more. Keep reading to learn more on how you can use product packaging to your advantage.
Product Packaging Guide
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