QR Code vs. Barcode: The Differences Every Manufacturer Should Know

Tracking inventory is an important aspect that every manufacturer benefits from. Not only does it keep count of the items produced, but it also informs the company whether or not certain items have gone missing.

This type of security need was made much simpler with barcode technology, assigning every product its own set of information and recording it in a system database.

Standard barcodes hold data just enough to keep track of simple goods. But with other products in need of a much higher security system when it comes to tracking inventory, the simple 1D code is not enough.

That is when 2D codes were created, the most notable and prominent being the QR code.

With the ability to store much more information, QR codes can prove to be much more beneficial for other manufacturing companies. In order to know which code can benefit your business, have a look at the differences between barcodes and QR codes in the infographic below.

QR Code vs. Barcode
Infographic Source: https://www.elixirphil.com/qr-code-vs-barcode-differences-manufacturer-should-know/

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