Re-Examining Retail

It’s clear to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has put the retail sector under enormous pressure throughout the last year. As a result, FM Outsource was keen to discover the real impact it has had for retailers and what we should expect for the future of online shopping.

Our infographic design shares an in-depth analysis of the retail industry and covers some insightful data about what consumer expectations will be in 2021. In particular, it features information from our industry experts and key statistics from our recently conducted a survey report, which involved 300 consumers.

The consumers were questioned on their use of online retailers over the last year as well as their views about the online retail transformation. It shares their feelings about online retail and how well their personal experience with online customer service has been delivered.

The infographic also shows facts about their general attitude toward online retail and their consumer needs. In return, FM Outsource hopes this will give retailers a better understanding of their customers’ requirements in order to provide a better online experience.

Re-examining Retail
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