6 Reasons To Hire a Buyer’s Broker in NYC

Hiring an experienced buyer’s broker in NYC who offers a discreet buyer agent commission rebate is the most important first step when buying a property in New York City. By hiring a seasoned buyer’s agent who offers a discrete buyer broker commission rebate, you will automatically save money on your deal and benefit from having an experienced negotiator and market expert on your side to navigate through the complexities of your NYC real estate deal.
Here Are 6 Reasons To Hire a Buyer’s Broker in NYC:
Reason #1: You will automatically save money by requesting a buyer’s broker commission rebate
An NYC buyer agent commission rebate is a discreet and automatic way to lock in savings on your purchase. A buyer’s broker can offer a commission rebate by legally sharing with you a portion of the commission the seller has already agreed to pay at closing. NYC broker commission rebates are completely legal and generally considered to be non-taxable income.
Reason #2: You will avoid a risky dual agency arrangement
Dual agency itself occurs when the same real estate salesperson or broker simultaneously represents both the buyer and seller in a transaction. Because the broker cannot provide undivided loyalty to either party, this arrangement increases your risk.
Reason #3: The services of a buyer’s broker in New York City are free
Sellers in NYC typically agree to pay the same total commission regardless of whether a buyer’s broker is involved in a deal. This means that the services of a buyer’s broker are already built into your purchase price.
Reason #4: You will negotiate more effectively and reduce risk
When you consider both the experience and knowledge advantages that a listing agent has over you, it’s not hard to see why an unrepresented buyer is usually unable to negotiate as effectively as a seasoned buyer’s agent. In addition, a NYC buyer’s broker with previous deal experience will more easily be able to identify and correct issues before they put your deal at risk.
Reason #5: Professional advice can increase your chances of a successful outcome
A seasoned buyer’s broker will have done a number of previous deals which are similar to yours. He or she will therefore be able to identify and resolve issues before they put your deal at risk.
Reason #6: New York City’s real estate market is complex
Buying and selling in NYC is much more difficult than in the rest of the country. If you are busy, a first time buyer, a foreign investor or buying a co-op, we suggest that you request a discreet commission rebate and work with a seasoned buyer’s agent.
Infographic Source: https://www.hauseit.com/should-you-hire-a-buyers-broker-in-nyc/

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  1. Presentation & Infographic is really awesome. Love to read it & Understood why we need to hire brokers in NYC in Real estate deals. likewise I have also some points why we need to hire real estate brokers anywhere it’s not just for the specific geographic area. following points will give deep insight.
    1 —-> Education & Experience in the field: –
    Henry Ford once said that when you hire people who are smarter than you are, it proves you are smarter than they are.
    You generally have a good information and sound experience in the field you work. So hiring an experienced professional with great knowledge of the buying & selling property will be a smart thought and a more intelligent approach to make an investment.
    In addition, real estate brokers have a decent knowledge of the local markets so they can guide you towards your need.
    2 ——> Price Guidance:-
    A real estate broker can give you great guidance on cost of the property as they have means and the information of current rate trends in the market and costs of the properties in particular areas. They can assist you with negotiating the costs depending on market activity conditions.
    3 ——–> Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality:-
    Real estate brokers negotiate well because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they can expel themselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction because they are skilled. It’s the aspect of their Job responsibilities.
    Good brokers are not messengers, conveying purchaser’s offers to sellers and vice versa but deal makers.
    Source – — > https://medium.com/@Tanmay_Shete/teamup-network-channel-guide-6-reasons-to-hire-a-real-estate-broker-f89ca1d0c44f
    Kiran ——> https://teamupnetwork.com

  2. Good post OP. It makes very little sense to be unrepresented as a buyer in NYC considering how the commissions are structured. The seller’s total commission is contractually fixed and doesn’t vary if the buyer submits an offer directly to the listing agent, so how can you save money by being unrepresented?
    Don’t believe the nonsense spewed by listing agents about you saving money and having a smoother deal if you don’t have a buyer’s agent. They are obviously out to earn double commission at your expense. I would feel much safer having the protection of a buyer’s agent .. not to mention the fact that a buyer’s agent can offer me a commission rebate.

  3. One thing to keep in mind is that the quality of a buyer’s broker can vary greatly in NYC. There are tens of thousands of buyer’s brokers running around the city, but the reality is that 90%+ of them haven’t even done one deal. Why would I entrust an inexperienced agent who just passed his/her licensing exam with the fate of my own $1m+ condo negotiation?
    I was solicited by dozens of inexperienced buyer’s agents from the moment I started attending open houses. I kept thinking to myself – even if the service is free and paid by the seller, why would I ‘hire’ one of these people and basically gift them $30k (3% of $1 million)?
    I ended up working with family friend on my purchase who is an experienced agent in the city. Unfortunately, she didn’t offer a buyer broker commission rebate because I wasn’t knowledgable enough about their existence to ask for a rebate at the time.
    As this article suggests, next time I will absolutely request a buyer broker commission rebate: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/should-you-hire-buyers-broker-nyc-chris-oliver

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