Recent History of Floods and Fires in Southern California

When you sign up to live in Southern California, you’re signing up to have minor and not so minor disasters constantly looming over your head. From horrendous wildfires to devastating floods, the residents of Southern California always have to be prepared to face a disaster and everything that ensues.

The best case scenario is having your basement flooded and your home in dire need of an experienced plumber. The worst case scenario could cost you your home or your life. In Southern California, bright, beautiful skies quickly turn black and rain chaos down on unsuspecting homeowners.

Floods often occur in spring, as the winter snow melts and tropical storms set in. Just this year, the biggest downpour in a single day was recorded, resulting in flooding, erosion, and mudslides. The costs of these disasters are still being estimated. Wildfires are also a common occurrence, with the notorious 2007 wildfire resulting in the evacuation of over 500,000 people.

They can occur naturally, when leaves, trees, and twigs spontaneously combust and spread across the area, and they can be a product of human negligence. What makes wildfires so dangerous is that they are unpredictable, and homeowners have to be on constant alert.

Living in Southern California might be full of risks, but the rich landscapes and wonderful people make the risk worth it.

This infographic shows the recent history of floods and fires in the area.


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