What’s Next: Reinforcing Your Learning Easily After Training

For hundreds of years, the ways with which knowledge is passed down has evolved—whereas our ancestors used folktales and songs to pass down knowledge and preserve oral tradition, modern man now has an almost unlimited number of ways to consume knowledge, thanks to technological breakthroughs like the Internet.
Want to learn a new language? Just download Duolingo on your phone. Want to study world history? Start with Wikipedia and go down the rabbit hole of references. Some people even skip college altogether and get their education from hundreds of online courses from top universities and organizations.
But instead of asking which learning method is the best, we should be looking for ways on how these methods can be integrated in our overall learning approach. Here’s an infographic to guide you on the pros and cons of learning online vs. learning offline and how to combine the two for best results.
Infographic Source: https://guthriejensen.com/blog/reinforcing-learning-after-training-infographic/

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