REIT Investment in the Philippines: The Facts You Need to Know

Are you looking into real estate investing? Many people aspire to acquire property not only for ownership or personal use but also as a source of passive income. Direct real estate investing is a popular investment option because of its income-generating benefits. Aside from that, the sense of ownership that it grants makes the investment truly worthy.

However, while direct real estate investing is preferred by many, another opportunity has been opened in the real estate industry. REITs or Real estate investment trusts are now gaining momentum, especially with real estate companies already recognized in the country.

Unlike traditional real estate investments, REITs require low minimum investment. It also allows an investor to become a co-owner of huge real estate properties ranging from warehouses, buildings, malls, and airports.

For those who are interested in real estate investing and wants to compare the two, here’s an infographic that shares a quick comparison between direct real estate investments and REITs.REIT Investment in the Philippines

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