Rear View Mirror – Remembering Your First Car

Direct Line are currently running a competition to win back a completely restored version of your first car. To enter you have to put in your cars details and the reasons why you loved it, from these entries they have a great pool of data on first cars.
Most people loved their first car, it provided a quick and easy way to get out and give yourself some ‘adult’ freedom for the first time as a youngster. It might not have been all plain sailing though, we all remember having to scrape together a few quid from all our mates to drive somewhere, breaking down and trying to figure out what to do before giving up and calling your parents. It was all part of the fun and adventure though and gives great memories.
This infographic goes through the highs and lows of owning your first ever car and the freedom and adventure that goes with it, what cars are the most popular for a first timer? Did you name the car? How long did you keep it? Did it keep breaking down on you?Rear-view-mirror
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