When to repair a windscreen and when to replace one

One of the major factors that contribute to safety is the function of a windscreen. A windscreen is specifically designed to provide formational support to lessen the tension of highway driving.
A windscreen is built from laminated safety glass and helps reduce the possibility of injuries. Cracks on a windscreen can be a result of various reasons like debris having direct contact with your windscreen during a speedy drive, installation too if not done accurately can be a cause for cracks and chips on your screen due to structural weakness.
Repair or Replace?
A choice between repairing your windscreen and replacing it can be quite the call to make.
Chips and cracks on your windscreen do have the possibility of being repaired; however there are a few other details to keep in mind before making a final decision.
These details include size, type and severity of the damage done to your windscreen.
Situations as such are best handled by qualified technicians to help you make the call between repair and replacement using their skills to analyse your windscreen from a professional’s perspective before any hasty decisions are made.
Infographic Source: https://www.a1windscreens.com.au/blog/windscreen-infographic

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