Real Reasons To Replace Plastic Bags With Cotton Reusable Bags

Plastic is continuously damaging our planet and we all need to find suitable eco-friendly bags. Cotton
emerges as one of the most convenient alternatives. They are reusable, sustainable, biodegradable,
and capable of carrying significant weight. Some estimates suggest that around 100 billion plastic bags
are being used every year. It takes about 1000 years to degrade and this sometimes leads to severe
clogging in the oceans. Therefore, cotton bags are considered as the best when you are looking for
plastic alternatives.
You can reuse cotton bags multiple times and this takes the entire concept of reusable bags to a
completely different level. Cotton bags are made up of natural fabrics and they are 100%
biodegradable causing zero waste. When you are going to buy groceries in the plastic shopping bags
then storing your food in plastic bags may lose its freshness. You can store your food in cotton bags
without any worry of losing the freshness of the produce.
Cotton bags are multi-functional products and can be used for storing clothes, picnic lunch, wall-
pocket for stationery, etc. These multifunctional bags are very easy to use when you want temporary
packaging for fresh produce. They are easy to open and operate, and at the same time.
In comparison with plastic bags, cotton represents both strength and sustainability. This makes it the
best shopping bag. You can carry this bag to the grocery store in a more stylish way. Get the
customized bags as per your needs and create them with a wide range of size and shape options.
There are so many benefits of taking a cotton bag but the major benefit which can make everyone
happy is that you can get shopping incentives which can help you to save a lot of money. Get the most
durable, comfortable to carry, and pet-friendly bag and reduce the carbon footprint from this planet.
Organic Cotton Mart created following detailed infographic to show why we all should focus more on
using cotton reusable bags.
Reasons To Replace Plastic Bags With Cotton Reusable Bags
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