Reviving Your Work-From-Home Career

Many self-employed professionals lost high-earning work-from-home jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. While this has been a blow to those who experienced it, the fact that you had a viable entrepreneurial venture means you have the talent and know-how to get your business back up and running again. Now is the time to call in favors, network, and collaborate your way back into business.

Reassess Your Options

If you were an independent contractor or a full-time work-from-home employee with a singular company, find out whether your job – or a similar one – will be reinstated at some point in the near future. Many companies are in the process of rebounding after COVID-19-related layoffs and closures, so an opportunity to retain your current role may still be available. If not, start with your former employer in your efforts to find a new gig. According to, perhaps they can offer referrals to other companies that might be able to utilize your services. Alternatively, they might be willing to provide a good reference or even a personal introduction and recommendation to others.

Reevaluate Your Skill Sets

There may be new best practices in your industry, and a refresher professional development program or an online degree program would give you a leg up in looking for new opportunities. Advancing your training or education could also improve your chances of finding new job opportunities. Whether you’re interested in broadening your knowledge in your current profession, getting an advanced degree as a way to expand your options, or you’re interested in charting a whole new path in a different line of work, an online degree can be helpful. You can typically work at your own pace from the location of your choosing. A business degree, in particular, can help you hone your business savvy regardless of the industry you’re in.

Work Your Network

If you’re looking for creative ways to drum up new business, sit down and make a list of your contacts. Think of former clients, customers, colleagues, bosses, and even people you know socially, whether it’s friends, family, or people you connect within a personal or professional setting. According to Forbes, it’s smart to put out a lot of feelers and let people know you’re looking for work. If you don’t have an online portfolio, now is the time to create one, and get business cards to hand out so people can visit your site and learn more about your capabilities. You want to promote the specific skill sets you could bring to a remote operation. Even short-term freelance or independent contractor projects can expand your opportunities for different types of rewarding work, generate an income, and help you meet people and develop skills that can help you keep growing.

Search WFH Job Boards

During the height of the pandemic, many companies began to recognize it was cost-effective to let people work in a remote capacity. As such, some companies have gone strictly to remote work options, and others are testing the waters, or offering hybrid work options. Many online job boards have categories specifically devoted to remote work and work-from-home opportunities. Consider establishing an account and uploading your résumé. Opt in for regular emails with new opportunities and use an auto-submit feature to easily apply for jobs that are of interest. If you find a company you like that doesn’t currently have a remote option, you can always ask about the approach to see if there’s interest.
The coronavirus pandemic has been damaging to many small business owners and remote workers, but the tide is beginning to change, and more remote options may soon be available. Reassess your skills, get training and education as necessary, and put your career back on track.

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