Road Traffic Accidents: How does Suffolk compare to the UK?

To investigate how road traffic accidents in Suffolk compare to those of the UK as a whole, Gotelee solicitors set out to retrieve data from official government sources, industry experts as well as published graphs and statistics.
This project strived to better inform the public on what a road traffic accident is exactly – including the different types, the locations they most commonly occur, as well as how to identify if you have grounds to make a legal claim and an explanation as to how the legal proceedings would unfold.
Gotelee additionally provided a distinct analysis of the provided data, suggesting the most common reasons causing road traffic accidents as well as the reasoning in why Suffolk compares to the wider UK in the way it does.
The project is finalised with the expert advice of one of their leading Road Traffic and Personal Injury Solicitors, Stevan Stratton, who explains all there is to know.
Road Traffic Accidents
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