Where Should You Go for a Romantic Cruise Holiday? Top 4 Picks Around the World!

Cruising is fun and surely a unique way of holidaying. If you are a passionate traveller, you should experience cruising holiday at least once in your lifetime. However, no person shall ever be satisfied with only one cruising holiday experience in his or her lifetime. Once you have attended a cruise holiday or vacation, you shall plan for another in the near future.

The best thing is that cruising can be experienced in affordable budget. You can choose to stay at cruising overnight, or you can spend a fine evening. Various choices are available, and different choices come with different pricing packages.

Romantic Cruise Holiday
In the following section, we shall find different places across the world for cruising experience. We have listed top five places where cruising is the main attraction. You cannot miss an experience of cruising when you are at the following places.

1. Dubai, UAE

For cruising experience, Dubai is an ideal place. This city is known for its modernized outlook. The city can easily be one of the leading urban cultural hubs in the world, possessing high rise buildings and all the urbanised facilities or amenities for dwellers. No wonder that Dubai has turned into a great place for travellers as well. A lot of things are there to be enjoyed in Dubai.

You can attend live concerts, or you can choose to spend a good time with your partner at the restaurant which possesses romantic ambience. But, your trip will be incomplete, if you do not try cruising experience. You can book cruise holiday packages or yacht holiday packages online with ease.

2. Cruising on the Thames

If you are looking for a short cruising experience, say just for an evening, London’s famous Thames cruising services will fulfill your desire. You can enjoy great foods for dinner with your partner, associated with live jazzy musical performance.

3. Nile River Cruising

The historic Nile River may have experienced rise and downfall of many human civilisations. Until today, it has not lost its charm. People come to visit Egypt not just for pyramids. They also want to experience the beautiful Nile River cruising. This is one of the best places for cruising, as during your cruise journey you shall find a lot of amusements. Firstly, you shall be treated like a king at posh cruises. Guests can participate in various activities, including fishing, wine tasting, cooking sessions, learning yoga, etc.

There are indoor playing areas, separate playing areas for kids and spa services to relax your mind as well as body.

4. Hanoi Cruising

For cruise holiday lovers, cruising on River Hanoi is rejuvenating experience. You shall come across many unexplored islands if you choose to stay on the cruise deck for at least two days. Ideally, guests choose two nights and three days package. However, other packages are also available. Cruises are furnished with king size cabins, having all modernized facilities in the offering.

Booking holidays for cruising is simple and convenient as you can book them by sitting at home. Find online operators and book your cruising package online directly from their website.

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