Safeguard Your Health: Discover Your Ideal Diet

We have known for many years that the foods we consume have a direct impact on both our short-term and long-term health. But you might not have a full understanding on the ideal dietary choices for your body. And so to help guide you in making the right choice for a healthy future, the team Physiomed outlined the latest dietary data in the below infographic.
Consume water to drop calories
The latest research shows that by consuming just 1.5L more of water per day, you could burn as much as 200 more calories per day. This is a critical step if you’re counting calories as part of your diet and shows the importance that regular water consumption can have in regulating your weight and improving your health.
Using carbs for energy can have a negative impact
If you’re constantly chasing that energy boost from foods such as pasta and potatoes, you might be stuck in a persistent weight gain process. The numbers show that following a ketogenic diet, in which carbs are reduced, can help the body to burn its own fat rather than burning carbs directly. This can be a great way to mitigate weight gain and help safeguard your energy levels for your new training regimen.
Simplifying meal creation makes a big difference
A leading reason many people choose not to eat at home is the time it takes to make meals. This issue can be resolved by cooking multiple meals at once. If you take the time over a weekend to cook meals for the week, you’ll be ready to take on all work challenges while consuming healthy, fresh food. You’ll also know all the ingredients within the meal, giving you total control over your diet.
It’s the ideal time to begin focusing on your diet and your health in the coming months. To learn more on this topic, take a look at the data highlighted in our newest infographic below.
Your Ideal Diet

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