3 Amazing Salesforce Applications and Features You Should Embrace

Of all the modern Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) available, Salesforce turns out to be one of the best. In a recent Forbes Rankings, the company was named the most innovative company in 2017. Founded in 1999, it has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 18 years to become the most widespread CRM software for businesses of all calibers. In keeping up with its spirit of continuous development, to enable your business adapt to the ever-dynamic sales world, Salesforce has multiple innovative applications and features available at AppExchange. If used appropriately, they go a long way in revolutionizing how sales are managed. A closer look at some of them reveals the truth.

App Cloud

With this top-of-the-line feature, it is possible for a developer to create applications that will run on and be integrated into the main Salesforce platform. It offers numerous advantages, not only to seasoned developers but also to newbies in applications development as well, including you, the average businessperson. Primarily, it is a low-code platform, meaning that you can now customize your application to suit your business needs without having a deep background in coding. This saves you on having to hire a developer every time you need to change a feature in your app. You also have the freedom to build exactly what you want. Next is the flexibility that enables you to access information on the platform from any place by simply clicking on the app.
However, the most defining tools in the App Cloud are:

  • Salesforce trailhead,which offers a series of online tutorials that help developers and average users know how to code on the Salesforce platform.
  • Salesforce connect,which allows users to connect with each other and access information from other organizations within the platform.


Formerly known as Rypple before Salesforce acquired it, Work.com is an excellent corporate and sales performance management system for salespersons. It enables both the managers and sales representatives to boost their performance in service delivery through a thorough and consistent coaching, real-time feedback, alignment of team and personal goals with business goals and recognition.
By placing lots of emphasis on recognition and reward of quality work, employees are more encouraged and motivated to meet the organization’s goals and set targets. The platform also enables employees and managers to share both vertically and laterally. They can request for feedback from their managers on sales progress and vice versa and have peer to peer sharing. You can now access this invaluable service right on Salesforce dx.


This is an automated cloud-based data management system, carefully crafted for acquiring and managing data pertaining to the members of the Salesforce platform. In essence, it serves as an online business directory for the millions of businesses and professionals that use the platform. The data is user generated, meaning that it is the user’s prerogative to update their information. It therefore acts as a virtual version of the common business card. It comes handy in data handling, thereby easing what would otherwise be a complicated task.
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