The Samsung Disaster In Numbers

Samsung have had a rough 2016. They’ve been grabbing headlines for all of the wrong reasons. In September, they started a major recall of their flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Batteries on the new smartphone started exploding and bursting into flames. This meant that many of their customers were put at risk due to the faulty product.
Samsung ended up in the news for everything from people being injured to cars catching fire. The Note 7 was even banned from many commercial airlines all over the world.
Eventually, Samsung had to discontinue the phone altogether. This was to the huge disappointment of many Android users who had hailed the Note 7 as the best smartphone to ever be produced.
Overall, this has had a huge impact on Samsung ($17 bn in lost revenue?!), their customers and their investors. This infographic breaks down the details of the fiasco into key numbers and facts.

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