Save a Life. Donate Blood

Every second so many people died due to unavailability of blood. So we need to keep it donate whenever possible because each drop of blood can add to save a human life. Blood is needed in some critical situations like women with complications of pregnancy, children with severe anemia as a result of malnutrition, complex medical procedures and cancer patients, the victim of critical road accidents, etc.

These things can happen to anyone at any time so if we help others now then we will get it later whenever required. Some facts figured out that 1 out of 7 people entering a hospital needs blood and at some place every 2 seconds a person needs blood, from these facts we can easily understand the importance of blood donation. In the infographic below many, more facts are discussed wisely to raise awareness in society.

So keep donating the blood and being a hero for someone’s life.

Save a Life. Donate Blood
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