5 Do’s And Don’ts For Scaffolding Work Safety

Many workers working on scaffolds are potentially being exposed to a number of hazards such as falls, electrocution, etc.

However, there are 5 do’s and don’ts that every worker should consider while working on scaffolds.

1. Overhead Lines

Do – Workers should make sure that scaffolds aren’t moved within the minimum clearance of working.

Don’t – Never overlook the safety protocol set for using scaffolds.

2. Scaffolding Inspection

Do – Inspect the scaffold thoroughly before climbing up high.

Don’t – Never assume that the foundation is safe enough for the scaffold.

3. Fall Protection

Do – Wearing complete body harness and fall arrest system is mandatory.

Don’t – Never climb up any scaffold floor without wearing a harness.

4. Overloading

Do – Always stick to the loading capacity of the scaffold.

Don’t – Don’t load more than the actual capacity of scaffolds.

5. Worker’s Protection

Do – To be safe at all time, always wear a right hardhat and site-approved shoes only.

Don’t – Never work on scaffolds without wearing the safety gears.

Always ensure to follow these Do’s and Don’ts of scaffold safety to maintain the safety of your workers while they work on the site!

Scaffolding Work Safety

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