Eye-Opening Security Stats on Home Burglaries

Many homeowners are scared of burglars or break-ins, especially those with small children. Having a security system may prevent many such crimes and protect families against misfortunes. If you want to discover the recent statistics on home burglaries, following are some interesting security facts to know about.
Home invasions can be scary because 38 percent of the time the victims are assaulted and 60 percent of the time a person gets raped. Unlocked windows or doors cause one-third of all burglaries, the reason you should always check twice whether the house is locked or not before sleeping. The houses without a proper security system are more likely to get broken into.
More number of burglaries occurs in summer which is July or August rather than winters. Even renters are not safe from burglaries or home invasions and have the same chances of getting robbed as homeowners. In every 15 seconds, a house in the US gets burglarized because only 17 percent homes have a functional security system. 66% of all burglaries involve home break-ins and up to 2 million home burglaries occur in the US. 2,500 cars are stolen every day and police are able to clear only 13 percent of all cases due to no witnesses. Corner houses are more likely to get burglarized due to low visibility or an easy access.
Security Stats on Home Burglaries
Infographic Source: http://www.securityguardsanjose.com/facts-about-security/

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