Your Ultimate Shoe Guide: 24 Types of Shoes

Next to diamonds, shoes are every woman’s best friend and for most of them, there’s always a good reason to splurge on a new pair of shoes: there should be one for your first day at work and another for the wedding you’ll be attending next month.
However, while a special occasion is a perfect excuse to take a trip to the women’s section, there’s actually a lot of factors to consider to know that your purchase is worth your hard-earned salary. Aside from the comfort you are looking for, you should also keep an eye in finding the right style that will play best to your outfit and personality.
With a seemingly endless options — both in retail stores and online shoe store — it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by your options. But to help you make a worthy investment, you need an ultimate shoe guide that will assist you with your wardrobe planning, and this infographic from Janylin Shoes is just that.
24 Types of Shoes

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