Common Skin Problems during the Rainy Season

Gone are the days of scorching heat of summer and the rainy season has arrived. This means a cooler breeze and moister environment. In the Philippines, monsoon also means your skin being more exposed to polluted water due to floods–no matter how much effort is done to prevent contact with such water, sometimes the circumstances make it unavoidable.
Because of this, skin problems are more prevalent during rainy days. Even if the sun’s harmful rays don’t inflict as much damage as it did during summer, there are still dilemmas that the skin encounters.
The humid and warm environment that rainy season brings is a favorite breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Skin is not an exemption to the skin problems that it can result. This is why it’s important to keep skin clean and dry during rainy days.
SkinCell PH, a reputable derma clinic in Manila and Taguig, brings you a comprehensive infographic that shows the most common skin problems during monsoon and important skincare tips to avoid them.

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