Top Educational Resources for Small Business Owners

At Shield Funding, we understand the plight of the small business owner.  Aside from the sheer amounts of time and effort it takes to develop a business, a small business owner also needs to dedicate much of his or her time to keeping up with the latest business trends.

The Shield Funding team sympathizes with these innovative, determined and dedicated individuals.  We really do.  In fact, we are moved as a company to help make these people’s lives a little bit easier in any way we can.

That’s where our “Top Educational Resources for Small Business Owners” infographic comes in handy  This infographic is a compilation of books, blogs and other educational resources for small business owners who want to stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing market.

All of the tools are listed in one place – now it is time for all of you small business owners to just look a little further and start studying.  Happy reading and good luck!

Top Educational Resources for Small Business Owners

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