How Much Do Smartphones Cost-Statistics And Trends

Almost every mobile user owns a smartphone around the world. The big demand of smartphones has brought many players into the market. By the way did you know how much average selling price of the smartphones? These statistics and trends will be elaborated with the help of infographics created by GO-Gulf Abu Dhabi.
The average selling price of the smartphones worldwide will drop 21.4% from $337 this year to $265 by 2017.
Estimated average selling price of smartphones by Region.
Region                                       2013                    2017     Price difference
North America                             $531                       $567           6.8%
Europe                                            $419                     $259          -38.2%
Middle East and Africa               $338                     $230          -32%
Latin America                                $288                    $246           -14.6%
Asia/Pacific                                    $262                     $215            -17.9%
About 2/3rd of the smartphone market is represented by extremely low –end “mass market” devices.
The average price of iPhone is nearly 3 times higher than the average price that represents of 2/3rd of the entire “smartphone” market.
Average selling price of iOS and android smartphones
Years     Android     iOS     Price Gap
2012          $320      $686   $366
2013          $276      $650   $374
2014          $254     $657    $403
Top 5 smartphone manufacture in 2013
SAMSUNG     313900000
APPLE    153400000
HUAWEI    48800000
LG               47700000
LENOVO    45500000
Others   394900000
Users in Japan are far more likely to download paid apps. Presently the download average stands at 17.5 paid app download per smartphone user.
Smartphones Cost-Statistics And Trends
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