Using promotional products in a social media campaign

It has never been easier to promote a product than it is today. With all these new types of media, getting more and more developed and expanded, it is almost impossible for anyone to resist. One of the latest researches had shown, that almost 90% of the office workers have, at any time, on their desk at least one item that has been promoted by media.

As a business owner, or person in charge of making a certain product into a brand, this offer might just be too perfect for you to pass on. Decide on the mean of media, since not every medium reaches every target group and then set off to convey a message which will transform your product into a brand.

Uncommon promotional materials

When talking about media, the first thing that pops into anyone’s mind is television, newspapers or as of late most people associate the notion of media with internet. While it is true that these three media are most widely recognized, they are not the only media in our surroundings. Promotional posters, logos on virtually any product or a clothing item that we see or touch are all media.

Since internet can sometimes even alienate some of the older audiences; why not resort to some of the less known sources of media that may be as effective for this job. A carefully placed logo on a clothing item, or even a promotional umbrella might be just the thing for pushing your product one step further towards becoming a recognizable brand. This is a smart, cheap and original way of promoting a product almost as much as it is an effective as a strategy. It also shows a nice personal touch that customers often value above all else.

Promoting through the internet

Probably the promotional tool that is the most on the rise in the last decade is internet. One thing that gives the internet advertising an edge in this area is the fact that it is free. Although, this may be true it does not come completely at no cost. It can cost you no money if you are ready and willing to pay it with your time, originality and creativity. You can design your own promotional strategy and put it to work on an internet forum, social network or just a random site, where you believe that it may attract your target audience.

The drawbacks of this strategy are though, that first, you may not have enough skill or knowledge to create your own promotional material and second, the fact that it may, as we already mentioned before, not be that close to some parts of your targeted demographic. In that case you may still spend a certain amount of money to try and promote your product trough television or newspaper ads, or trough radio, trough investing a bit into a promotional material. Investing some money may yet prove to be generating a lot of income in the future.

Although the list is nearly endless, your product is not going to start promoting itself. It still needs investments of effort and dedication on your side, but any work invested, will be returned multiple times over. It will also show your customer that you are serious, that you mean business and that you are ready to go that extra mile in order to provide them the top class service that they deserve.

Steps to Social Media Marketing Success

Infographic source: BIGEYE

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