SSD For Web Hosting

Have you ever faced problem in loading your web page?
Did you try to find out the reason why?
Here is my Infographics which shows one of the major factors behind the problem.
You might be hosted your web page in top hosting companies, They may provide you with high-quality servers with a lot of storage space.
Here is the picture of how the web works?how the web works
The user makes request ->The request goes to DNS-> DNS resolve the name and redirect the request to the concerned server which the IP belongs to.
The server then reads the required data from storage in order to respond the query from the client.
In the initial stage, the reading speed of HDD storage might be fast and enough, Later when a lot of sites are hosted on the same server, The server starts to face more traffic.
The server gives more work to HDD storage reader. But HDD has the limit in speed as it uses spin and head to read and write data.
So, the read write request goes to queue to wait to process. This makes the server slow to respond the query. This makes the website to crash and causes some other problems.
To overcome this issue, we have another option. There we can go for web hosting with SSD storage.
SSD is the short form solid state drive, as it does not need to spin and head to read and write, it works faster than HDD and allows the server to work faster and efficient.
You can check out the infographic to know more.
SSD for web hosting
Now you have an clear explanation about SSD drives and How it helps to improve the website speed of yours.
If you are already using SSD for web hosting share your experience here.

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