Start a Green Revolution With Earthships

Generating energy using only renewable sources, growing your own food, harvesting your own water, heating your house with sun and thermal mass. Are these concepts too utopian for you to hear?
Then you should read more about a unique American concept that is experimenting with radically sustainable ways of constructing buildings – Earthships.
Earthships are a combination of all above mentioned concepts being put into practice. There have been many houses built in this way and constant improvements are happening to this day to make it become a comfortable reality.
The materials used during construction are from recycled items or are about to be upcycled like old tires, glass and plastic bottles or aluminium cans.
The aim and main idea is to be able to provide people with a very affordable green way of living because often, these two qualities are hard to acquire at the same time.
Learn more about Earthships by looking at the following infographic:
Green Revolution With Earthships
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