Steak Doneness Chart & Temperatures

Can you spot a medium rare steak from a rare doneness one? If you occasionally cook steak, then you may be interested in this steak doneness chart and infographic to improve your cooking knowledge.

After you take a look at this cool looking graphic, you will get a better understanding on the steak doneness levels, which is the recommended level and how to determine each level with just a few tricks or by using simple tools.

For most of the steak types, medium-rare and medium doneness level are the ideal spots to cook your meat at, because on 130-150°F temperature, the meat reaches its peak of flavor, is juicy and very tender, making it very delicious to eat for almost everyone.

Determining your meat doneness can be easy with an instant-read thermometer but most people don’t have one. Even though they are cheap and very easy to use, a lot of people decide to use a simple technique called the ‘Hand doneness test’.

They compare the firmness of the meat with the firmness of their hand’s base when they touch the tip of the fingers with your thumb. For medium doneness, you should touch your middle finger with your thumb and compare the firmness of the thumb’s base with your meat. That’s how a medium steak should feel like.

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