Step-by-Step Guide To The Art of Packing Light

This year alone, air travelers have paid more than $7 billion exclusively in baggage fees. That represents an average of $27 on every bag checked in; that sum can add up to more than $100 per overweight bag. Add to that the 1.90 million mishandled baggage reports filed by angry travelers and you understand why you must take the carry-on challenge.With an average of $381 on domestic flights, airfares are more than ever competitive, and make air travel affordable. Meanwhile the unprepared budget travelers are at the mercy of soaring baggage fees and other hidden charges.

More than ever you have to take the carry-on challenge: pack more while carrying less. Not only you will be free on cumbersome luggage but also you will avoid costly baggage fees, and the hassle of retrieving lost or delayed baggage.

This graphic will be your reference guide to the art of packing light and smart. In the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “he who would travel happily must travel light”!

Guide To The Art of Packing Light

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