Stop Poaching

The world is suffering from illegal wildlife trading at a scale that we have never seen before. Various species like our iconic ancient elephants and rhinos are on the edge of extinction. 50 million years of history are about to be wiped out from our heritage and it is our own fault.

High demands for wildlife animal parts are driving an industry that is fatal for our earth and results in violent and extremely unworthy killings of species that deserve to roam Earth as they did long before humans came along.

20 years, that is the deadline for our animals, if poaching is not stopped within this time frame. We are destroying everything because we are greedy.

Please see this interactive infographic, click around and educate yourself about the facts of wildlife traffic. Share the information with the world so that our knowledge can be spread throughout the world.

Support the NGO’s, raise awareness and do not just turn your cheek the other way, poachers doesn’t…

Stop Poaching
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