Storytelling Quotes From Great Writers

Books play an important role in human life. They discover us a huge unknown world, unveil the arrangement of the universe, and even shape our outlook. Thanks to books, we know our history and leave the legacy to our descendants.
Undoubtedly, knowledge is the main weapon and the greatest gift of mankind. Today, many people derive them from the websites, magazines and articles. But in spite of all the progress, who can say books are irrelevant to the epoch?

  • Firstly, life without books is just boring and dull. All that people who argue it is better to watch a movie than to read a book might never do the latter. Reading activates fantasy, thereby improving the person’s intellectual.
  • Secondly, the knowledge of the past is the must-have one for building a bright future. That’s a solid basis for loving your motherland and respecting the native traditions of your country.
  • Thirdly, books are the greatest advisors.  Recall the actions of characters and you’ll get know what to do in this or that situation.

We become smarter, more literate, and interesting as individuals when reading. Genre diversity of books allows everyone to choose something suitable right for him. Someone likes sentimental novels; someone is fond of historical chronicles…Every book and every writer have a right to exist.
Unfortunately, books are too undervalued and partially replaced by the Internet and films. I am not against these benefits of mankind, but I want books to return their former glory so that everyone sits down and reads his favorite book at least once a week.
To begin with, read and get inspired by the 10 best quotes from the below infographic:
Storytelling Quotes
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