Stunning Philippine Destinations that Resemble Top International Attractions

The Philippines is known for its attractions that can easily compete with top destinations abroad. But that’s not all. Did you know that the Philippines is also home to some underrated destinations with international appeal?

A trip to Ilocos can actually take you to an experience that is comparable to that of the desert safari in Dubai. On the other hand, Palawan alone has several spots to boast off that can easily compete with top attractions from around the world! Though an archipelago, the Philippines doesn’t run out of amazing sites to explore whether you’re in the northernmost or the southernmost part of the country!

Those are just some snippets of what to expect when you explore the Philippines–you have more to discover!
Curious to know what these world-class sites are? Here’s an infographic that presents a side by side comparison of the Philippines’ top attractions and the international destinations they resemble.

Philippine Destinations

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