Subaru WRX STI Is Still Very Powerful And Attractive Sports Car

Name Subaru is not new in makes of supreme quality vehicles. Subaru is famed and well known for its luxurious and powerful models, WRX STI is an examples of its quality and standard. With both saloon and hatchback versions, WRX STI is surely one of the most powerful and elegant sports car introduced by Subaru in automobile world.
Fantastic fenders on WRX STI back, which make it looks like a running beast on road are like identity for Subaru while its front is smartly different by other models. A big wing spoiler on the back of WRX STI which actually helps it to run faster on any track is a sign for being saloon.
At first it was seemed like that WRX STI is an updated model of Subaru Impreza by its few features like frameless windows in doorways but later it makes its own identity and shown as a most energetic and classy saloon while body style of impreza remains same and still have same looks in its new models as well.
Subaru sports car
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