Comparison Between Summer and Winter Tents

Camping, no matter the season, is a fun activity. It’s the perfect way to unplug from technology and reconnect with nature, friends and family. Overnight camping trips also allow you to try new experiences and enjoy some much-needed relaxation under the stars next to a warm campfire.
But there’s one thing that can determine if you have a good or a bad camping experience—the kind of camping tent you use. The two main kinds of tents are 2-season and 4-season tents. The first is the ideal tent for your summer camping trips. They’re designed to keep you comfortable in milder weather conditions.
Their lightweight materials are made to only withstand light precipitation and light winds. During the winter months, you want a 4 season tent. These tents are more durable, as they stand strong against high winds and extremely cold temperatures, and are also built to hold the accumulating weight of rain, snow and ice.
Summer and Winter Tents

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