Supercharge Your Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is widely regarded as being one of the best sources of traffic for blogs and websites, so you really can’t afford not to master it.
As of 2018, there are four main areas that you need to look at if you want to boost your Pinterest profile’s reach and engagement, and to ultimately get traffic to your blog or website using the platform. These include:
Domain Quality – An assessment is performed by Pinterest to determine the ‘quality’ of your website. It makes sense for this to be measured because Pinterest would prefer to boost the ranking of pins from authoritative and popular sites versus those associated with spam. Nobody likes spam or clickbait, so by weeding this out, Pinterest hopes (and can expect) to increase user satisfaction and loyalty on the platform.
Pin Quality – Nothing new here. Pinterest checks to see how much engagement your pins are getting. The more saves, clicks, comments and tries the better, and Pinterest takes note of this to boost the ranking and visibility of more popular content.
Relevance – It’s worth remembering that Pinterest functions as a search engine, so the top priority of the platform is to display pins that relate directly to a user’s interests or their specific search query.
Pinner Quality – Pinterest cares more about the quality of the pins you promote on the platform than the quantity. The visibility of your pins will take a hit if you consistently promote low-quality content with little engagement versus more popular content.
This infographic covers 21 steps to help you cover these four requirements and supercharge your Pinterest marketing. Full details and explanations of each step are available via the link below the infographic.
Supercharge Your Pinterest Marketing

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