Survey 101: CCOs on PR Management

This infographic is provided by Nasdaq Corporate Solutions in partnership with KRC Research. They have conducted a survey of 101 CCO’s around the world in all major financial hubs, working with companies that have over $500 million in yearly revenue. They are trying to understand the behavior of the most influential CCO’s towards key performance indicators (KPIs) and how to properly understand them and utilize these findings to further propel your business to the next steps.
A deeper understanding of this data shows that CCOs are approaching their measurement of KPIs to track business goals and activity very seriously and heavily focused on analytical data more than ever before. However, CCO’s are still having trouble with KPIs that allow them to prioritize and have the ability to correctly structure their strategy and their respective firms.
Here are some key highlights of the CCO survey conducted:

  • The combining of Public Relations and Marketing
  • CCOs care more about the KPI rather than the number provided
  • KPI are out of their control

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